Ha!  That got your attention!  Yup, Im 43 years old tomorrow and to celebrate, Im getting a colonoscopy done today!  I am NOT psyched.  They say the hardest part is drinking the gallon of "stuff" the night before and the morning of. Well, it does suck.  Worst tasting stuff ever.  AND I haven't been allowed to eat since yesterday morning.  Im soooo freaking hungry.  I can't wait to order up an omelet from the Miss Flo when I get out.  

So let this be a lesson, kids.  Eat your green vegetables and drink plenty of water. 

On a lighter note, The Fresh Prince of Portugal  ( aka Gaspar) is at the shop all day today. Go say hello to him and check out all the complete bmx bikes we have in stock. Bring him an apple, he'll be psyched.


Goldy, KINK and The Bookhouse Boys!!

Mark your calendars kids!! December 12th we will be having another Party at the shop! We just booked The Bookhouse Boys for an encore performance, as well as Chuck Goldy from KINK BIKES!!  

The Bookhouse Boys played last weekend and shook the house down!  I haven't been to a live show in awhile so that was quite a treat.  Pixiesque rock was playing in my head for the rest of the week :)

And who better to have over for a party than Chuck Goldy?!  Chuck is the man. What he has done for the NewEngland BMX scene is unparalleled. Now that he works at Blackout Distribution and Kink, I will hopefully be seeing more of him.  

Bikes for every age!

Need a bike for your 2 year old? We got em.

Need one for your 5 year old? Check.

Hows about that 9 year old who wants a BMX just like Dad? We have those too.

Does your 15 year old talk about having a bike just like Tony Hamlin?  We have that in stock as well.

So come on down! Its cold and rainy out. The perfect day to hang out at your local bike shop. :)

Fit and Kink are here

Christmas is not far away! Stop by the shop and pick out that new BMX bike you have always wanted and let mom and dad know they can put one on layaway!! 


Don't forget! Saturday night at the shop! Party! Live music from the BookhouseBoys, Quicksilver the movie, AND PingPong!! Hell yeah!

FAT Bikes are on the way!

So have you jumped on board, yet?  Have you taken one for a test drive? If not, I suggest you get down here and try one out.  Fat bikes are AMAZING! They completely open up your riding season and are more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  Their wide tires with super low pressure allow you to "float" over things that a regular tire just can't do.  On a packed snowmobile trail, they are beyond fun!  This winter we have a new to us brand, Framed, coming in.  They are a little more affordable than some others out there, yet still pack a lot of punch.  Prices will be from around a $1000 to $2200 depending on the model.  We will have the Wolfpack editions coming in, ranging from $1000-$1200.  

Group rides will also be happening this winter.  I am fortunate enough to live in the hill towns, were snowmobile trails are right out my back door.  I will be hosting weekly rides at different locations throughout the Fall and Winter months.  Rides will be for beginner to intermediate skill levels with occasional stops along the way. ( Listons Bar and Grill in Worthington for one :)  Hope to see you soon!