33 years of BMX

Yup.  Ive had a BMX bike for the good part of 33 years now.  Starting with the Rampar from FJ Rogers, Ive been rocking the 20" ever since.  I stepped away from it for a few years back in the late 80s and early 90s ( Don't hate. I just needed to try some other types of bikes for awhile :) but came back to it in 94 or so.  I remember that bike well. A Schwinn Pro Modified 2.  I bought it from the first shop I ever worked at in Venice, Florida.  Bicycles International Scwinn.  Man I love that bike. Still got it, too.  I then went on to a K2 DMC model from the shop I worked at in Burlington, Vt.  The Ski Rack. Super heavy, totally overbuilt, completely different from the Scwinn.  But hey, it was Dennis McCoys Signature bike! Totally cool! Someday Ill buy that bike back, Kevlar! :)  Next up was a custom build through Easthampton Bike, back when Will Cluster owned it.  Standard Lengthy frame with a smattering of heavy Primo and S&M parts .  LOVED that bike, but could barely ride it do to the fact that it weighed about 45lbs!! Hahaha. No wonder Dave Mirra was so jacked!  I rode that bike up until 2007 when I opened the shop.  Thats when I bought the S&M Stricker frame and built it up with all the good stuff from todays more modern technology.  I had an FBM Howler for a brief moment, but couldn't get used to the steep head angle and short rear end, so I kept going back to the Stricker.  Its still the bike Im riding today.... That is until the package showed up from Ithaca, NY a couple days ago.  A brand spanking new FBM Steadfast frame. Gloss black. 21"top tube. 74.5 head tube angle. 13.75-14.25" rear end. Welded Chainstay mounts... Hell Yeah.  I say it will be the last frame I get. Its everything I have come to learn and want in a frame. And lets face it, I don't really ride hard enough to ever worry about breaking it. So yea, it could be my last one.... But just in case its not, Im glad companies like FBM, Standard and S&M are out there making quality stuff right here in the USA.  

I have always wanted to get a cruiser... :)