Ride to Listons

Its Tuesday.  Its cold and rainy out right now, but in an hour or so the sun is going to come out and spring will be underway! Weekend looks like its going to be beautiful!! So get those bikes out of the basement and put them to use!

Speaking of weekends, this past Sunday was a keeper.  We slept in, ate a late breakfast and headed out the door for a Sunday drive with the fam.  I was on the lookout for used bikes.  Lynne was looking for furniture. Jonah wanted to add to his sword collection. And Forest was just along for the ride. ( And comic relief:).  By 1 o'clock , we had 1 new/used bike and 1 kid trailer. Success!  After the long way home, we threw the ball around a bit in the backyard, and then decided to go to Listons for some grub. 

Usually we jump in the car for the three mile journey to our favorite Hilltown Eating and drinking establishment. But not this day!  Today we RIDE!!  

After filling up everyones tires and finding a few helmets, off to Listons we rode. Jonah and I were on our BMX bikes, duh, while Lynne and Forest followed on their road bikes.  With a head wind and a three mile climb ahead of us, Jonah took the lead and never looked back!  If you have ever ridden into the wind, uphill, on a bmx bike, you know its not easy.  Racing season is right around the corner and we haven't really started training yet, but if this ride was an indication of the upcoming year, Im pretty psyched. 

It didn't take that long to get there. I mean it was only three miles. But damn, my legs were burning! ( I did mention its uphill, right? haha)  We all devoured our food and Lynne and I put a couple white Russians and Bloody Marys back to boot!  Needless to say, the ride home was a blast! :)

So the next time you are headed out to your favorite eating and drinking spot with the kids, hop on the bikes and leave the car behind! 

I can't wait for next Sunday! 

see you soon