Ha!  That got your attention!  Yup, Im 43 years old tomorrow and to celebrate, Im getting a colonoscopy done today!  I am NOT psyched.  They say the hardest part is drinking the gallon of "stuff" the night before and the morning of. Well, it does suck.  Worst tasting stuff ever.  AND I haven't been allowed to eat since yesterday morning.  Im soooo freaking hungry.  I can't wait to order up an omelet from the Miss Flo when I get out.  

So let this be a lesson, kids.  Eat your green vegetables and drink plenty of water. 

On a lighter note, The Fresh Prince of Portugal  ( aka Gaspar) is at the shop all day today. Go say hello to him and check out all the complete bmx bikes we have in stock. Bring him an apple, he'll be psyched.